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EVO-ALL Hardware 7 - Jeep J1850 protocol

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Hello, I bought an EVO-ALL (Hardware version 7), however I would like to use it on a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee ...

From the **** documentation I see that you have to use a version 4.06 maximum (not available on hardware version 7)

From some information I saw that the J1850 protocol has been reintegrated from version 7.74.22, I want to know if all the other more recent versions are also equipped? (To date the most recent version is 7.88.10)

thank you in advance
posté Sept 7, 2020 dans la catégorie Jeep par Maxime Cauchi (210 points)
modifié Sept 7, 2020 par Maxime Cauchi

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No, none of the newer versions have it.


74.22 did not have it fully implemented.


Hardware 6, firmware 4.06 evo-all is required for that vehicle to program and function properly as stated on the website:




INT-SL+ module would also work.
répondu Sept 8, 2020 par Derek (228,160 points)