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Dcryptor has reached it's limit

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I am trying to wire the Evo All remote start myself on my 2012 Volkswagen Jetta. I have completed all the wiring and successfully remote started the vehicle using the OEM remote. However, I am struggling to get my Compustar T9 remote to communicate to my Evo All. Two questions:

First- can my Dcryptor limit please be reset? SN: 002504064234

Second- I opened the options and found the supported RF kits section and saw the option for FT D100. I read that the FT D100 is necessary for the Compustar RF kit to communicate with the Evo All. Do I need to buy this part in order for the Compustar RF kit to work with the Evo All?

Thank you for the assistance.
posté Aout 9 dans la catégorie Volkswagen par Nate Blankenship (160 points)

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1. No Dcryptor has been done on that module, so nothing to reset smiley

2. Yes you need FT-D100 With EVO-ALL but the S/N you are giving is an EVO-ONE .

Compu remotes with :




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