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Remote start status (eg. Wiper Interrupt) when GWR (Dark Blue A8) is configured for RAP pulse per Function 32 Mode 3?

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Product: EVO-ONE
Vehicle: 2010 Toyota Tacoma (Standard 40-bit Key)
Configured per Fortin application note

I am looking for a signal (negative or positive) to indicate that the EVO-ONE has remote started the vehicle and that it is currently running. Ultimately looking to slave features such as wiper inhibit, defrost, etc. I understand that the Dk. Blue A8 "GWR" configured as Function 32 - Mode 1 or Mode 2 would be exactly what I need however I am required to configure GWR as Mode 3 for "Autolight shutdown" per the installation guide for my vehicle. I haven't looked at the signal with a scope or logic analyzer to confirm but it sounds like it will pulse ground only at the end of the remote start run but otherwise float high impedance.

I have scoured all documentation I can find but am wondering if there is another pin which may have an undocumented setting or alternative function which could be used for this?

I suppose in this case, I could force GWR line back to Mode 1 and then program a microcontroller to then mimic the RAP signal needed for Autolight shutdown -- but -- hoping there is a trick I am missing.
posté Aout 7, 2020 dans la catégorie Other par Matthew Currie (130 points)

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For wiper cutoff:

  • Green wire is a (-)ignition. It will output a (-) signal whenever the remote starter is active.


For rear defrost:

  • Yellow/Black can be programmed as an AUX through option 25. 
  • Option 39 will automaticially trigger the AUX output once the car is remote started and temperature is 5C and less.


The generic and full installation guide will have this info. 

Generic guide:

Complete guide:

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