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how do I program RF642W fobs to work on Evo-one?

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i have installed an Evo-one on my 2019 mazda cx5 and the OEM key fob 3x lock start is working fine. I have also included the RF642W when i programmed / flashed the module. I am not sure what to do next to make the rf kit functioning.  i am a bit confused with the quick guide. I dont get the same response from the system (as stated on the guide) when trying to do the steps on programming the fobs. not sure what I am missing.
posté Aout 1, 2020 dans la catégorie Mazda par Neil Bryan Sanchez (130 points)

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HI....... I had problems as well. Turns out i was programming it for a evo all. After speaking to a tech at Fortin i corrected it buy STEP 1 turning the ignition on STEP 2  TURN ignition off  STEP 3 turn the ignition on the LED will be on. STEP 4  press the brake pedal four times LED will flash rapidly STEP 5 on each tramsmitter PRESS AND RELEASE the minus button once and the the lock button . (make sure to do each remotes) minus button first ......lock button second . the LED will stop flashing confirming programming. STEP 6  turn ofF the ignition to exit programming.  I hope that helps you.  ALOHA
répondu Aout 2, 2020 par Raymond wiley (260 points)
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I have always had more luck using the valet switch,  

1. turn ignition to run

2. press and hold the valet switch (led will flash/horn will honk)   

3.  press the valet switch 5 times  (horn will honk/light will flash with each press)

4. press and release the brake pedal once  (led will flash rapidly)

5 press the - button and then the lock button on each remote ( led will stop flashing to comfirm programing

6. turn ignition off to exit programing

7. test it :)


répondu Aout 3, 2020 par ken simpson (1,490 points)

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