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chevrolet aveo standard remote disabled after remote starting, starts anyway at the 5th lock not the 3th lock

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i have the evo all installed with the GM1 t-harness, and i use my factory chevrolet flip key (aveo 2012 euro/sonic)

the car starts at the 5th time pressing the lock button, not the 3th time, and if i try the option lock-unlock-lock then it don`t work..


if i remote start the car then de oem flip key is disabled and get no response from the car, i can unlock the car with the key, and if i push the unlock button in the car and press the brake it turns off and starts normally (automatic)

license: (JV-198-N) Netherlands.
posté Juil 25, 2020 dans la catégorie Chevrolet par marco van der linden (190 points)

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Once the vehicle is started, the OEM remote will not function. You may want to consider adding an RF kit, As far as pressing the lock button 3 times, you may need to add about a 1/2 second time between presses, to see if that will help.
répondu Juil 25, 2020 par ken simpson (1,490 points)
modifié Juil 27, 2020 par ken simpson
thanks for the response,

i see on the internet that it could work to turn the car off with the oem remote, i have to connect and cut some wires but i`m still searching which and where..


i have tha gmt1.v2 t-harness installed and have only make a connection to my obd-port and to my parking lights switch.


but what now..
the oem remote will not function when the car is running. This is simply how the car works. Start the vehicle with the key and you will notice that the factory remote does not work.


There may be circuits on the vehicle that can be interrupted to trick the car into thinking the car is not started, but

1- i do not have that information

2- the evo does not have any programmed outputs for that purpose

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