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2011 g37 evo all not programming anymore

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My evo all on a 2011 g37 coupe stopped working i realized the brake lights was not turning on, so i tried to reflash it and now i can't get past step 4, the yellow led goes solid and then i press the push start button one time for acc the evo all does not turn red anyone know what the issue could be? i tried different firmware's and resetting the evo all but no luck. thanks
posté Juil 15, 2020 dans la catégorie Infiniti par Shawn sri (430 points)

1 Réponse

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brake lights will not turn on if ignition does not turn on.

Ignition will not turn on if the immobilizer is not good (reprogram the module), or if the PTS connection is failing (remove t-tap if using a t-tap).

I would personally suggest to first verify the PTS connection if you are using a plastic connector on it. Your issue may have simply been that.

For programming @ step 5, module is either no reading the immobilizer data or the yellow wire does not receive ignition. If you have another key, try programming with that one.
répondu Juil 15, 2020 par Robert T (284,540 points)