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Disregard: Evo One no red LED during programming

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UPDATE- Apparently a module has failed on the truck, so this appears to be unrelated to the EVO install. Closing the post.

2005 Rainier, EVO One. Wired per diagram. Module had FW 70.18, flashed to 70.39 since I'm using an RF kit OL-RF-52-SST.

Followed vehicle-specific programming per guide 23261 rev 20190514:

1) Hold program button, plug in power connector.

2) Wait for solid blue LED, release button. Blue LED remains on.

3) Plug in 20-pin harness and RF antenna harness

4) Key on, blue LED out, no red LED. No LED at all.

Read & followed this post for the same year Chevy truck:

2005 Alavanche can’t get the red led to come on during programming

Reset per the linked post in the above post:

1) Flashed v. 0.99

2) Disconnected from flasher, connected power plug (Red/Yellow/Blue LEDS on solid)

3) Disconnected main plug.

4) Reflashed to 70.18

5) Setting protection is not on

6) Reset by following above-

7) Hold programming button

8) Plug in power connector, wait for solid blue LED, release button

9) Blue LED off, red LED on then off, yellow LED on solid. This is where the red LED is suppsed to flash.


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