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Promaster Horn

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I have an EVO-One installed and just installed the RFK912. 2018 Ram Promaster 1500 Gas. Two things:

1. Honk on remote start (after lock unlock lock) horn beeps then starts. I want to eliminate the horn beep! It will wake the dead it's so loud, I wish it would just chirp. I think I have everything I can find turned off or to lowest setting but nothing's changed

2. Horn confirmation on unlock? I'm used to a horn chirp on cars when locking but the RFK912 makes no confirmation chirp on lock, but it does on unlocking. I want this to be reverse and a chirp honk rather than blaring horn (see above)

I don't really want to disable the horn altogether so wanted to check to see if I'm missing something in the module setups
posté Mai 27, 2020 dans la catégorie Ram par Ron Heerkens Jr. (220 points)

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Hi Ron, 

I'm in the process of installing EVO-One on my 2017 Promaster. I'm not a professional just a DIY guy. Did you install your EVO-ONE or you had it professionally done? Are you able to just simply remove horn wire connection? 


répondu Jan 4, 2021 par Martin Piesiak (180 points)

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