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09 Sierra 1500 EvoAll GMT4 with Easyguard E002 PKE and remote starter issues with GWR

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2009 GMC SIERRA SLT 1500 standard key installation GUIDE 59001

EvoAll w/ GMT4 T Harness:  SN 001A07112374

Firmware 70.39

Hardware: 7.0

Remote Starter and PKE Easyguard E002

I believe I am having issues with the PKE module's GWR (-) output.  Initially I wired the PKE GWR out with EvoAll GWR in Dk. Blu wire.  But doing so caused an "SERVICE THEFT DETERRENT" error to appear on my Dash Display.  I was also not able to remote or key start my engine.  Meanwhile the EvoAll showed solid RED and YELLOW led indicators with flashing Blue.  It was as if the EvoAll was not working as Bypass Immobilizer.  I figured the PKE module's ignition was not delayed long enough for the GWR to notify the EvoAll to bypass the immobilizer.  I tested that theory by manually grounding the GWR input to see a RED led on the EvoAll then remote or key start the engine.  This test showed that the engine was able to key and remote start.  Does anyone have any way or any idea how to fix this GWR out from the PKE module?  any ideas on how to provide a ground for the EvoAll GWR before attempting to remote start? Or ideas on how i could delay the ignition/start long enough for the GWR input and EvoAll bypass the immobilizer?  Or just any way i could remedy this issue.

Thank you all in advance and i hope to hear some ingenius ideas/options from you all soon.  Thanks again.
posté Mai 15, 2020 dans la catégorie GMC par Michael rodriguez (140 points)

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You would have to redirect this question to Easyguard.
répondu Mai 17, 2020 par Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,040 points)