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Evo one on 2020 Civic cranks but does not start

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I added an Evo one to a 2020 Civic push button, using Thor07 harness. Programmes with 73.31, unable to get 73.33. The car starts normally after the install. 3 x lock, the engine turns over but does not start. It then stops and cranks again but does not start. Any thoughts?
posté Mai 10, 2020 dans la catégorie Honda par Kumar Ramdhan (160 points)
re-tagguée Mai 14, 2020 par Kumar Ramdhan

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What do you mean by unable to get 73.33 ?
répondu Mai 11, 2020 par Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,040 points)
As per the document, it says the recommended firmware is 73.33.

However when I am using the Flashlink Update, I can only get 73.31
73.33 is only available with new modules starting in march 2019.
Thanks for the update.  Can you let me know what I can change to make this work?

I tried it again yesterday and it worked once but all future tries, it cranks but does not start.
Will this setup not work with the factory FOB (3X lock)?

Eventually I would like to get this working with a Evo Start.
yes it works.

What is the 12 service number s/n of the module?
Service no 002B07284357
Can you give me some things I can try?
I looked over teh install Guide #83591 and it says to use Firmware version 73.[30].  How can I get thsi version so I can try it on the EVO One?
click on "view other firmwares" it's right next to the recommended firmware is loaded box
I used teh firmware 73.30 but still no luck.  Engine cranks but does not start.

Changed it from 3 x Lock to Lock + Unlock + lock and still not luck.

What else can i do?

Can you reset teh Decrypto for this unit 002B07284357

Here is an update to my issue.

Thanks to some guidance from tech support.

I got EVO One with the latest firmware and recommended options.

Then plugged the EVO One to the car and did the programming again.

Removed EVO One and did Decrypt and plugged it back into the car.

Everything worked and was able to start with OEM remote as well as MyStart App