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2018 CX9 Horn Wiring and Liftgate Programming with Evo One

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Hi. I have two questions about the horn and liftgate (trunk) of 2018 CX-9.

1) Is there any way to activate horn while CX-9 2018 is parked and off in a parkinglot? or does it require additional wiring? I tried searching high and low at fortin with no luck at all, as they don't have any additional information about horn wiring/activation for this model. Someone did it but they won't share the info. Here's the video:

2) Can I release the Liftgate Using Evo-One while CX-9 2018 is on in either P/N modes with OEM Remote?

I tried to look for options for that but all I found was trunk output pulse or something similar.

Any help is much appreciated. The question has been here unansewered for over a year and still counting.

posté Mar 30, 2020 dans la catégorie Mazda par Hassan Aldossary (160 points)

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The trunk release on most cars does not work while the engine is running, by factory, in order to prevent accidental trunk open. The analog output on the evo is to control trunk release via a THIRD PARTY remote (RF-KIT)which would give access to opening the trunk whenever you feel like it.


There is no "controllable" horn output. When horn is connected, it is for alarm purposes and would "honk" only when arming or disarming from a third party remote.
répondu Mar 30, 2020 par Robert T (279,440 points)
Thank you very much for your answer. As for the trunk release, it's not that necessary. Regarding the horn activated by 2x lock by genuine key fob, you can check the video I provided in the op. It starts at 00:42 - 00:50

He did it using evo one, but with a special programming. I tried contacting him but he refused to tell me, as he sells his services.

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