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Cannot unlock passenger doors after remote start, EVO-ONE in a 2018 CX-5

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2018 Mazda CX-5 with the EVO-ONE and THAR-ONE-MAZ3.  The remote start works fine, but I haven't been able to find a combination of settings where I can unlock the passenger door after a remote start (with key or button on door handle), without setting the system to just unlock all of the doors all of the time.  There is a setting that specifically mentions allowing this function, and it doesnt seem to do anything expect for some reason adding a honk to confirm the start up sequence is complete.  Firmware for bypass/remote start are both up to date as of today.  When I don't trigger a remote start and unlock the car with the fob/door handle, the car unlocks the driver door first and passenger doors second as normal.
posté Mar 28, 2020 dans la catégorie Mazda par Thomas Leland (300 points)

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Check in your radio for keyless controls and set unlock to unlock all doors. That typically the solution as its the car deciding what to unlock
répondu Mar 30, 2020 par Robert T (280,210 points)
Thank you, but I already tried that, I might not have been clear in the original post.  I'd like the passenger door to be unlocked only after the unlock button is hit a second time.  

When I go through the car settings and say unlock all doors, but have the Evo-one coded to unlock the driver door first and others second, the car settings are used and all doors unlock after one unlock command from the key fob.  

If I set the radio to unlock the driver door first and others second, and the Evo-one is coded to do the same, the driver door is unlocked normally but the other doors cannot be unlocked until entering the car and hitting the start button.  So the Evo-one settings are breaking that functionality & I'm looking for settings which restore it.
I'd still appreciate help on this one, bumping it up the list.
The evo option is only there to attempt to replicate Driver Door priority unlock when using an aftermarket remote, it doesnt control what your car decides to unlock from the OEM remote.


You can try Firmware 0.38 in the remote starter settings, not bypass settings. No need to reprogram anything. This reconfigures the ignition harness for vehicles with adaptive cruise control that stops functioning after take-over. Not really for your issue, but no harm in trying. The typical solution is to set unlock all doors.

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