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Ready mode wont enable

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2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (manual trans). Using an EVO-ONE, I checked all wires and made sure everything was correct the only thing I didnt connect was the motion sensor, I cannot seem to find it in the driver side footwell unless the plug has been changed in later year models. Anyway when trying to remote start the parking lights flash three times, indicating ready mode is not enabled. I have tried all 3 different ways as described in the installation instructions but still does not work.
posté Mar 15, 2020 dans la catégorie Mitsubishi par Braden Fennell (180 points)
modifié Mar 15, 2020 par Braden Fennell

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I changed some stuff around on the flashlink manager. Changed to 33.2, now when I turn the key off the car keeps running until I get out and close the door; which I don't like. Try the 3x oem remote start and car just cranks and doesn't start, then parking lights flash 4 times which means it doesn't detect a tach signal.
répondu Mar 16, 2020 par Braden Fennell (180 points)
Car starts now but again when I enter key doesn't turn. I know that the wires at hooked up correctly because if I don't put the plugs into the module, the key will not turn and when I put them in the key will turn. I may just change the settings so it will turn off when I open the door.
You can always set it to shut down on door open.


With the red connector unplugged, you should be able to turn the knob. The interupt we do is for the power that goes to the solenoid which prevents the solenoid from locking the knob. You might wanna look at that connection if it doesnt turn with the red unplugged.
That must be the problem then. I unplug the red connecter and the key won't turn. I'm pretty sure its connected properly, I will double check later. The only thing I don't have connected is the motion sensor, I could not find that plug.
Just checked wiring and made sure the wires were in the right place in the plug. Everything was correct.
Try firmware 86.02 perhaps? Reset, re program.

I know it had a change made for the mitsbusihi fast keyless system.


Aside from that since I can't see your installation, I suggest door open shut down.