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yellow LED does not appear FLASH RAPIDLY

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Step 5 -The LEDS slowly alternate between the RED, BLUE and YELLOW LED's: processing. 

After five minutes the LED turns off, and the yellow LED  does not appear FLASH RAPIDLY

Kia optima  2015 


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Please note* some American models will not have the PATS DATA wire, if this is the case, follow program 2. 


After the light stop cycling does the red led blink "x" amount of times?


Here are the error codes if it does:

- 1 flash per second: The & wires are reversed.

- 2 flash per second: The module can not recognize the key code it is reading. try resetting the module and restarting OR try another version of firmware.


Evo-All guide:


Evo-One guide:



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step 4  turning ignition on, the led YELLOW  turns off but does not flash BLUE  FLASH 10X

If blue does not flash you need to verify the can bus wires. Something is wrong there or the module could have the wrong firmware inside of it.


What is the service number to the module?



Your 2nd video confirms you have a problem with the can bus wires or the wrong firmware inside.


What is the service number to the module?

   evo all 001A07081472

Not the US models

the firmware looks good. you need to verify your can bus wires. Something isnt right there.