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2007 Honda Accord won’t remote start consistently

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Installed evo all with avital 4105 by wire to wire. The white and blue wires on data port have been cut. Module seem to have been programmed successfully according to the led flashes. No taps were used. Light blue/black wire (a10) is connected to immo data wire. Door locks and everything else works. Whenever car is remote start the red led on the module comes on like it's supposed to but the car will not always start only crank. The car will remote start every time with the key in the barrel. Module is flashed to 73.31. Not sure what to do next.
posté Fev 10, 2020 dans la catégorie Honda par DB (210 points)

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Try tying the dis arm into the GWR. Sounds like your starter is not turning the GWR on soon enough.


Also if you have unlock before, lock after start turned on in your starter, turn it off.
répondu Fev 11, 2020 par derek ! (277,630 points)
modifié Fev 11, 2020 par derek !
Still does the same thing. It's starts on the second attempt but the key light flashes.
Its a timming issue with the starter if it starts on the second attempt. Its not giving the evo enough time to deliver immobilizer to the vehicle.
When I say it starts in the second try, that's only sometimes. There are times it will only crank and never start. I'll try switching out the avital unit. I've already try another evo all.
Could also try putting a delay before crank to give the evo time to answer the immobilizer. If D2 is on try turning that off as well.
Tried all of the suggestions and nothing works. I did finally tried Honda-sl3 on the car and it starts up every time. Just a little inconvenient to wire everything to the car.

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