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On part 7 of the key bypass programming , the EVO ONE goes through the first light process correctly, the car ignition turns of and then on , then stays one and the lights on the EVO ONE go from cycling all 3 lights to just flashing red ~ instead of slowly yellow red !

Followed the regular installation instructions for the EVO one ! Checked over all the wires for solid connections ?

Anyone have any trouble with a EVO one stand alone on a A6 key bypass steps ?


Purple wire was cut !
posté Fev 8, 2020 dans la catégorie Audi par Taylor Haynes (160 points)
modifié Fev 8, 2020 par Taylor Haynes

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Its not reading the key. Make sure battery is out an no other key is in the car. The key also needs to be in front of the receiver the entire time.


Aside from that, make sure its on the latest firmware 60.xx
répondu Fev 8, 2020 par Taylor Haynes (260 points)
Thanks for the response , Yes battery was out the key , the instructions say to remove the battery with the drivers door open !


Do i then close the driver door when i start the decryptor process ? I kept the key in front of the receiver the whole time also , seems like it gets stuck at the same step all the times i tried . I even reset the module and it still did the same thing

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