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Request for updated install instructions - US 2015-2019 Ford Transit 150, 250, 350

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There is a 3rd party selling a prewired 3x factory remote start based on the Evo-All so it would seem that the Evo-All can be wired as a stand alone (can-bus) remote start but there are no instructions for this application / US version of the Ford Transit.

See link:

Install Video:

In the installation video (2m37s) the Evo green wire (door status?) is connected to the vehicle Purple/Green described as the vehicle lock wire.  Can this connection be explained? 

Also, if this is workable what would be the external trigger wire (ground to start/stop)? 

For the Evo-All and Thar-For1 T harness would the following be correct?:

Yellow/Black from T harness to [A1] Yellow  on 20 Pin connector
Connect [C4] Can Low Grey/Black to Can Low on OBD II
Connect [C3] Can High Grey to Can High on OBD II
Ground Black from T harness

Looking for instructions on any other connection needed ie. lock wire (&diode) and external trigger





posté Jan 28, 2020 dans la catégorie Ford par Geoff MacKenzie (130 points)

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Contact whoever is selling it.


We do not list 3x lock or have a stand alone guide.
répondu Jan 28, 2020 par derek ! (279,120 points)
Thank you for the answer.

When the firmware is configured as Stand Alone is the [A13] yellow/black programmed to be an external ground to start/stop trigger?

What should the voltage be on external trigger wire?
yellow/black is a negative trigger input. It's at reset voltage is irrelevent.
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There is two parts to that install, not just the evo-all.


I'm assuming that....

The green wire mentionned in that video is not part of the evo, it's part of the second device. That 2nd device, is connected to the (+) door lock motor signal. It converts 3 (+) pulses into a single negative pulse. He then uses that negative signal to trigger the evo-all from it's external trigger input.
répondu Jan 28, 2020 par Robert T (280,360 points)

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