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Trouble programming a EVO-ONE for 2010 Hyundai Accent

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Having trouble programming a EVO-ONE for my 2010 Hundai Accent.  It has the thar-one-khy1 T-harness.  Before programming I loaded the latest firm ware; 76.[54] for bypass and 1.[24] for remote starter.  I loaded the suggested options for both and made sure the remote starter setting from teh install guide (2.2 and 32.5) were correct.  The car does not have the PATS data wires (no imobilizer).  I used guide #60801 to install and programming method 2.  The blue light does not flash in step 4.  Just goes out and will come back on when the key is returned to off.

I used the troubleshooting guide associated with the #60801 installation guide on the flash link manager (says it is for thar-one-khy2 T-harness).  The wiring is correct and have verified continuity.  Voltages on the CAN wires are roughly 2.35 and 2.65.

Crutchfield sent me a second one when the first wouldn't work in case thre was something wrong with the unit.  Got the same results with both.  Oh, and I did cut the yellow loop for the automatic transmission.  Are there any bypass/remote starter options that I might change - or anyhing else for that matter - that might get this thing working or is it just not going to work on my car?
posté Jan 28, 2020 dans la catégorie Hyundai par Michael McKee (160 points)

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That is a typo in the troubleshooting guide. As the website states it is indeed a KHY1. I have corrected it.

You can try flipping the can bus wires see if that works. If it refuses to program I suggest the following.


Since you only get tach and frootbrake from the can bus, as long as your car is automatic transmission:

-Set option 20.2 in the remote starter

-Hardwire the brake.


By doing this you will skip the need to even program it on the blue light.
répondu Jan 28, 2020 par derek ! (277,630 points)

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