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2016 Tacoma Automatic - Push button - EVO-ONE w. MYCAR Telematics

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I had succesfully installed the EVO-ONE and using factory fob for remote start; The MyCar unit arrived with instructions.  install-guide-64631. Everything works per instructions until step 8; when I press brake and release and then turn off, I get several blinks of lights and Evo unit, not the "Once" that is expected.

Mycar is online and I can see the unit, car voltage etc. It will just not learn to the EVO-ONE... I cannot seem to get past this step.


In order to communicate with the remote starter, the MyCar must be learned to the EVO-ONE.

1 - Cycle the ignition to the ON position.

2 - The YELLOW LED on top of the EVO-ONE should come ON.

3 - Press and Hold the EVO-ONE push button for 5 seconds.

4 - The parking lights and the RED LED on the side of the EVO-ONE will turn ON.

5 - Release the push button.

6 - Press and Release the push button 5x times. Everytime the push button is pressed the parking lights and the RED Led on the side of the EVO-ONE will blink.

7 - Then Press and Release the Brake pedal.

8 - Seconds later the RED LED on the side of the EVO-ONE will blink once to confirm that the MyCar ID has been learned to the EVO-ONE.
posté Jan 17, 2020 dans la catégorie Toyota par Andrew Forward (130 points)

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1. Make sure FORTIN is selected as the starter in the MyCar app

2. Make sure FORTIN2 is enabled in the EVO-ONE  (Step 1 of the guide). 

3. Must be using their HRN-LLRS-01 harness. It plugs into the BLUE port of the EVO-ONE. 


Also, try this paring instead. You will be able to see if the EVO is actually in pairing mode. 

  1. Ignition ON-OFF-ON (side red led will turn on)
  2. Press and Release brakes 4 times (side red led will blink on every brake press)
  3. Side red led should be Blinking rapidly at this point.  This means EVO is in pairing mode. As long as the MyCar sent it's pairing command, the led would of also briefly stopped blinking. 


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