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2005 Jeep grand cherokee EVO-CHRT5

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Unit acts as if runs through the motions and wants to start but the starter never engage's.

I've checked my wireing 3 times and am wondeing if unit is flashed with the proper firmware?

Flashlink v_4.51_x86_x64
posté Jan 4, 2020 dans la catégorie Jeep par Pierce Sinibaldi (130 points)

2 Réponses

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Should be following connection F in the guide. Start is a direct connection not part of the harness.


Module setup can be lookup by the 12 digit service number of the evo. 

répondu Jan 6, 2020 par Robert T (280,210 points)
Following this.  I just tried to install my EVO using "F" installation guide in my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee this weekend and exact same issue...and the check engine light will trigger everytime I try to use the remote start and throws a U0103 code.  When I purchased one of these for my 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee the installation had fewer connections so I'm wondering if maybe these are late mode issues and should follow a different wiring diagram?
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Hi Pierce, I had exact same issue this weekend in my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee when I installed.  Did you resolve and if so what was the fix?
répondu Jan 11, 2021 par Jason Woods (150 points)

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