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2014 Chevrolet tahoe, after remote starting, engine stops running immediately when key inserted or brake pedal presed

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Installed evo-all on 2014 Chevrolet Tahoe with t-harness and without data link.  Firmware version 70.24.  After remote starting vehicle then unlocking doors, entering the vehicle and closing doors the engine immediately stops running after brake pedal is pressed or key is inserted into ignition.
posté Dec 19, 2019 dans la catégorie Chevrolet par Jim Stone (320 points)

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If you press the brake without the key in, it's normal that the starter shuts off.

It's not normal though that it shuts off when inserting the key. This happens when ignition is not powered on the car.


First and easiest to check would fuse normally called Discret Logic ignition switch (DLIS). 2A or 2.5A fuse.
répondu Dec 23, 2019 par Robb (262,210 points)
Checked the fuse and it was blown. Replaced the fuse and is still shutting down after key insertion.