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OEM 3x Lock not starting 2007 Silverado Classic (now at flash limit)

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I'm doing a first time install of the EVO-ONE (SN 002B048051) on my 2007 Chevrolet Silverado Classic 2500 HD Diesel and I followed Guide 61101 Rev 20190723 which stated the bypass FW must be a minimum version of 70.26.

The latest version of my flashlink software wants me to use 70.18 (highlighted in green) which did not work so I then upgraded to the latest version 70.39. I found at the latest version the module would not recognize the key programming procedure (all led's flashed at same time when powered on). I then tried going down one FW version at the time (from the latest) and found that 70.34 is the latest version that will work as per the guide and accept key programming without all LED's flashing when plugged in. I'm now stuck at that version and cannot set bypass options any longer since my flash limit has been reached (not sure if not being able to set bypass options is due to flash limit reached or the fact I'm now at 70.34 because I know 70.26 did allow me to set bypass options). Both 70.34 and 70.26 are greater than the guide requires

My remote start FW is 1.24 and I had enabled both options 38.2 and C1 along with other options for Diesel etc. According to the guide the 3x lock , heated seats etc should work on the classic and this module but I have yet to see success. When I start the truck with the key I see the yellow light come on showing the key is programmed however I do not see the blue light blink when pressing lock on my OEM remotes.

I do have the Fortin Rf642 rf kit on the way and will setup the module to use those however I wanted to enable the 3x lock on the OEM remotes in the meantime.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? what FW should I be running and can my module be unlocked so I can flash and configure it please? Is there some other wiring outside of the guide that I am missing?

Also can anyone confirm the options that should be enabled to trigger heated seats, remote defrost and heated mirrors?

posté Dec 15, 2019 dans la catégorie Chevrolet par Steven Lepage (180 points)
modifié Dec 15, 2019 par Steven Lepage

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After some more digging I believe that the 07 classic does not support 3x Lock for remote start. I was able to configure the shock sensor trigger to start when grounded and was able to get the truck to start with all led's including the blue blinking showing that the system is wired correctly. I did however notice that the heated seats, defrost, and heated mirrors were not triggered as stated supported in the install guide. Can anyone co firm the 3x Lock does not work with this 07 classic and can anyone comment on the required options to have the system trigger the heated seats, defrost and mirrors? If someone from fortin is also monitoring it would be great if you could reset my module programming count so that I can once again flash it? And possibly confirm the correct fw version I should be running. Thanks.
répondu Dec 16, 2019 par Steven Lepage (180 points)

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