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while programming, blue light goes off at key on

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installing standalone evo all (EVO-CHART5) with T harness on 2007 dodge durango. I have made the connections purple from T to Green/ Red (a18), yellow from T to yellow(a1), plugged T harness behind key switch. Used flash link 2 and selected options c1 for lock 3 times to start. I plug in black plug to evo all while holding in the button and release on blue, plug all connectors in and when i turn the key on the blue light goes off. I have 12vdc on the yellow wire (a1). Turn the key off and blue light comes back on. I have verified my all my connections. I even did a master reset, downloaded the latest firmware etc. what else should i do?? I have installed 4 of these so far and i have never had this issue with the others.
posté Dec 14, 2019 dans la catégorie Dodge par Matthew Coldwell (160 points)

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What is the service number to the unit?


What is the voltages (DC) you have on the grey & grey/black wires of the white 5 pin connector on the evo.
répondu Dec 16, 2019 par Derek (227,350 points)

Date 09/2019

SN 001A07072929.

I am installing for a christmas present and dont have the vehical with me now. What is the voltage suppost to be? Is that at key on of just with the box hooked up?
Firmware loos fine to me.


Check it with key on and report back with your findings.
The voltage was 4.0 - 4.2 vdc on the grey and the grey/black wire. is that acceptable?
Something is wrong with your can bus wires. These are not normal readings.
the voltage i just sent was checking between the 2 wires. I checked from each wire to ground and the grey/black had 4.7vdc and the grey to ground had .5vdc. Is that how you wanted to check them?
could the grey wires be reversed in the plug and cause this problem? the troubleshooting guide says "the wires" could simply be reversed? is it talking about the grey wires we have been checking?
No, they are normally 2.X and 2.X. You should be able to program with just 1 CAN wire connected though. Try with only grey, if no work, try with grey/black.  Reconnect both once programmed.


Common issue on jeep/dodge. Wiring/connectors at fuse box under hood get corroded. Most common on the Compass though thus faulting the network.