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Unreliable starting, and key left in door chime on 2011 Mercury Mariner (Ford Escape)

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I installed a EVO-FORT1 with the T harness into my 2011 Mariner, and everything went smoothly, including programming. After a couple of starts, I intermittently have been getting no starts, where you can see the blue LED flashes from the Canbus seeing the remote, the red LED turns on, all the accessories turn on, but the engine doesn't start. Sometimes, but not always, I get the key ignition chime after driving, but only if the T harness connected to the EVO module
posté Dec 12, 2019 dans la catégorie Ford par Robert Golding (130 points)

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I understand it's the "same" as an escape but this car is not even covered for the EVO-FORT1 stand alone 3xlock.


What is the 12 digit service number of the module?

répondu Dec 12, 2019 par Robert T (284,490 points)
(With the programming cable, 2011 Mercury mariner was a choice, and flashed fine.) The number on the EVO all module is 001A07082835.

It'll program since the module covers immobilizer bypass.

The options shown in the flash link are generic since 1 module covers a couple thousand solutions. Options shown are not car specific..

There is no guide nor t-harness listed on for a stand alone installation with 3xlock and t-harness for that car. It;s not even listed as being offering remote start.. (no green check box on the remote start feature)

Everything seems setup right in the EVO in terms of having the proper options enabled for 3xlock start. 


Yes, it could possibly work. But if that ignition switch requires more than 1 amp for crank and accessories at the ignition switch, the evo-all will have a bad day.  

Assuming this solution would work, and that the vehicle sometimes does not crank, could always test the start output at the EVO and also directly at the ignition switch. This would ensure evo outputs start, and two, that the signal makes it to the car. Refer to a non-t-harness guide to reference which wire is what..


Also, when it does not start, could be worth counting how times the red flashes after it's start attempt. 

Thanks for all the ideas.  I think the problem was that I had the yellow/black stripe wire from the T-harness connected to the yellow/black wire (A13on the 20 pin connector.

I noticed that it is NOT shown as connected in the Ford 40 bit , and since I cut it yesterday, I've had no key chime noises and no failed starts.