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E4 E5 options on ego all

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When flashing ego-all It had options E4 and E5 what do they do? All it said that it's special option. I was woundering if they can be used as aux controls if so what wire it would control?

also is there a way to make hazard wire on evo-all not to blink when remote start activated

posté Dec 10, 2019 dans la catégorie Volkswagen par G PS (220 points)

1 Réponse

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No the Hazard wire can not be modified.


E4 and E5 are used on some firmware, they do not have any effect on VW firmware. If need need a wired AUX you would need EVOONE module.
répondu Dec 11, 2019 par Mathieu Bertrand Collin (60,180 points)