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2011 VW Tiguan - EVO ALL Stand Alone Remote Start w/ OEM Key COMPATIBLE?

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I see some conflicting info out here that has me concerned an EVO-ALL will not work properly for a stand alone remote start install on a 2011 VW Tiguan.  

1)  My 2011 Tiguan is technically "push to start" with a transponder chip FOB to allow a start without a true keyed ignition. The install guides reference a STANDARD KEY install, but do show the key FOB wire looping to bypass the transponder.  I just want to be sure upon entering the vehicle after a remote start I would do what... "push the start button and brake" to confirm I had entered the vehicle to simulate turning a manual ignition key to ON? Or is this a dealbreaker?

2)  One of your techs stated that on a 2011 VW Tiguan NO REMOTE UNLOCK is possible with the OEM FOB after a remote start.  Is this true? And if YES, how the heck would I get into the vehicle after a remote start locked the doors and fired up the ignition?  The manual emergency key? Here is the thread...

Also, turn OFF D1 in the bypass options.

Ok thanks a lot , now it starts , one more question how do I get the remote to unlock while the vehicle is on , the remote won't function while the car is on , thanks
By factory, the remote does not work while the vehicle is started. It's written in the guide and the website that the remote will not function on remote start. Unfortunately, there is no way around this.


Thank you for the support!  Great forum and websitre you have here!

posté Dec 1, 2019 dans la catégorie Volkswagen par Rick Whitfield (330 points)

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solution changed A LOT between 2014 and today, none of what I said in 2014 is good for today. EVO-ALL can be used as a stand alone starter. Remotes work while the vehicle is running, and key bypass withour sacrificing a key is now possible. .....


Never seen a 2011 tiguan push to start though (canada). Are you in north america? Is that a FACTORY push to start or something aftermarket?


There are 2 solutions available (for a REGULAR KEY), 

1. Keypass done by EVO (TB-VW required)

2. Key bypass done by sacfricing a key.



 Is this true? And if YES, how the heck would I get into the vehicle after a remote start locked the doors and fired up the ignition?  The manual emergency key? Here is the thread...

VW disables the remotes when the car is running. The EVO when programming it, will enable the feature in the bcm to allow them to stay functional. 

répondu Dec 2, 2019 par Robert T (284,490 points)

Thanks for the helpful details!  I was wondering if the firmware had made adjustments since that original post. It confused me yesterday reading it.   So I / ME can program a TB-VW with the web based software and the updater cable?  Or do you mean only an install shop can do that with somehting like a KESSY? I dont really mind ditching the valet key I have with the chip in it, so not a big deal either way.

It looks like in the install guides I can use a VW2 harness with the TB-VW though?  Is there no way to use the VW2 harness in a stand-alone remote start config where I loop in a key and lose one?  Seems like the wires that went to the TB-VW would simply become the key loop for the transponder?  I guess if I have to do it without a harness it s not a huge deal tho.

It is a US BASED 2011 VW TIGUAN, and it is not a 3rd party PTS mod.  Never realized it was so special ;)  It is the SEL 4 Motion with the Dynaudio Package in it, so maybe that trim level added that feature.  As long as you say the EVO-ALL can deal with it I am good to go.  But upon entering the car, do I then push the START button and BRAKE to turn the vehicle over to me prior to driving?