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Will EVO-ALL with FORT1 work in my 2014 Ford F-150 FX4?

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I have the EVO-ALL with FORT1 har. I also have the flash link updater. Will this unit start my vehicle by itself? Do I need anything else? I had an evo all in my old truck and used an external remote starter and only had one key and everything worked. Do I need two keys with my 2014 f150?
posté Nov 30, 2019 dans la catégorie Ford par Justin Miracle (130 points)

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2 master keys required for all Fords with an 80 bit key. Programming replicates the factory procedure to program a key to the car, which requires 2 master keys.

répondu Dec 2, 2019 par Robert T (284,490 points)
Ok. I'm guessing where I am confused is the 40bit vs 80bit? on my 2007 we used 1 key and the decryptor and everything worked fine. Is this not possible with the 80bit? Also, if I have a key made and programmed will that work or can you only get a master key from the dealership?
No dcryptor on 80bit keys.


Some locksmiths can program actual master keys.

A cloned key would not work since in theory that would be Key1 and Key1.