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Parking lights strange behaviour

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Hyundai Sonata 2014, Key, regular installation, Canadian market with immobilizer, using with OEM remotes.

Installed EVO-One with firmware bypass 76.51 and remote start 1.24.

In the installation manual #21721 there is a connection A12 pink wire for parking lights.  If you connect this wire, then when you are not planning to use autostart, as soon as you just insert the key in the lock, even without turning it, the car switches on the front and back parking lights.  This behavior is not respecting the light switch, and the parking lights will switch off only after you eject the key and open the driver’s door)  I believe it should not be like that, parking lights should get activated only when you autostarted the car, or as designed by the car manufacturer, and it should not be on when you just inserted the key.

Can you comment whether it is the bug on the program, or there is something in the options that can be reprogramed.
posté Nov 18, 2019 dans la catégorie Hyundai par Alex Za (220 points)

1 Réponse

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These are straight negative parking lights. 

  • Start by redoing the ground point. 
  • It also sounds like maybe the vehicles (-)key-sense is getting shorted with the vehicles (-)parking light wire.


Also, how does it react without the parking lights (a12) connected? Just disconnect the 20-pin connector on the evo to find out. 


Can you comment whether it is the bug on the program, or there is something in the options that can be reprogramed.

(-)parking lights is a generic output not controlled by firmware or the car that is being installed in. It's used on every single car that have (-)parking lights. There are no options or firmwares that control the A12 output. 

répondu Nov 18, 2019 par Robb (239,650 points)
If i disconnect the parking lights wire A12 then everything works fine, just when i autostart the car no parking lights are on on the front and back. Just the front positioning lights (50% brightness of high beam) as it is always when the engine is on.

My ground point is taken from the body mainframe screw, are you saying i should try changing the location of a ground connection?

As for the (-)key-sence, i did not get your point, key sense wire probably exists somewhere in the car wiring, but how this can influence the pink wire from evo One? I'm sure i connected it to the correct car wire as it actually turns on and off the parking lights. This leads me to search the problem on the Evo One side as it is the pink wire that sends the signal when it is not supposed to (key in the car)
Do you guys know if therenis a manual transmission wiring diagram for a 2009 hyundai elantra?
keysense and parking lights are in the same harness. If soldering wires, I have seen and lived through solder poking out of tape and into other circuits.  That's the only reason I mentionned it. since it can happen.


The parking light output only triggers on LOCK-UNLOCK-START and if the alarm of the EVO is triggerd.

By the way, this issue makes no sense :D.  When things make no sense, yes, try a different grounding point and/or check and redo that ring terminal in case it isn't factory crimped properly.


You can also just try another evo. You dont even need to program it to the car. Plug the power and the 20pin, then insert the key to see if you still have the odd issue with parking lights triggering on keysense.
Thank you Robb.

I did not solder wires, had it clipped with a special connector.

Will try to ground it direcly to the battery (-) and then will try to substitute for another Evo One, i have one spare avilable prepared for a different car. Will let you know the results.

So i changed the grounding point - the same issue.

Then I changed the EvoOne unit - the new one works as it should.

Checking the wire signals on the old unit , the initial unit pink A12 has constant (-) as soon as you power the unit. That is why when you put in the key, the system immediately turns on parking lights.  

Now the question is that issue fixable what can be wrong with the unit?

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