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Connection of 4 sensor triggers to Evo One Jeep Wrangler manual transmission?

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How many ports are available to conect more than one trigger sensor? The installation sheet doesn't have the different pigtail ports name or function. H, I,?

Can the Evo One control all 4 sensors: shock, tilt, glass broken, motion. How can the hood switch can be used to trigger the alarm since the regular jeep does not have security while armed to protect battery or any bluetooth relay accessory in the engine compartment.

I just ordered the Evo One and the seller wired everything including the linker so the wiring was prep prior to delivery of the components.

I am trying to add all these sensors to the unit.

Thanks for helping

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Check the generic evo-one guide.


Theres a dedicated 3-pin port for dual-stage sensors (shock sensor, motion sensor). 


For anything that is a straight (-) trigger (no dual zone), it can be tied into the Pink/Black. 

- hood, tilt

répondu Nov 7, 2019 par Robert T (284,490 points)

Thank you for the Evo One connector guide illustration.

I am not sure if I h can ask another questiom related to this particular  security system setup...but here is my next question.

To add a siren to the system. Where do I connect the wires?

Is this idea correct?
[20 pin connector] Orange/Black (-) HORN/SIREN ( do I need  to provide + to the siren direct from the batery or do I get the + from [6 pin power] OUT White (+) PARKLIGHTS/IGN2/ACC/START 
Thanks in advance
(-) to orange/black  it's MAX 2Amp draw

(+) to 12V , NOT the 6 pin connector


Also, enable option 12.4 so orange/black is set to a Siren output.

Will the siren chirp this way.

The siren is the Excalibur AU73M Omega Mini Multi-Tone Siren

Thanks for such great support...
yes, will work fine that way.
Having a tilt sensor I think it can trigger the alarm if the vehicle is parked uphill/downhill. What will be the best way to set this up?

Essentials 507m Digital Tilt Sensor

Will a switch to interrupt connection when uphill/downhill scenario must be in the circuit (-) so the hood circuit can continue to trigger while the tilt is temporarily unavaible. Or there is a programing option on Evo one to indicate that the tilt trigger is not required in this specific circumstance.

I haven't received the sensor triggers yet, but questions are coming up as I am trying to get ready for installation. Hopefully my jeep computer will accept all accessories with this amazing Evo one unit.
I believe the sensor adjusts itself. Refer to the 507m installation guide.
Thank you Robb....

You are the best... no need to install an interruptor... Sorry I didn't elaborate the questiion reading the installation guide before asking... my bad..