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EVO start 2 communication feedback

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installed an EVO ALL standaone with a EVO start 2 on a 2019 VW passat, all fuctions work from the smart phone, except it never receives any feedback to the phone that it's running. AS well no other feedback on the phone dashboard. Temp/ Battery voltage/ duration runtime left....
posté Nov 5, 2019 dans la catégorie Volkswagen par Chris Maleska (190 points)

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Also, feedback is sent by push notification, make sure the phone enable push notification to the app.
répondu Nov 5, 2019 par Mathieu Bertrand Collin (54,190 points)
Sorry for delay in responding, busy.

Now I've checked both of the proposed possible issues to my question with no direct result/fix. Should also add recently starting last week I am getting feedback it's running about half the time using the 3 times lock keyfob, so the notifications are active, just the feedback works half the time. I am able to monitor this more then any other unit since it's in my personal car.

Also activating remote start by cell phone doesn't always work, but 3 times lock works everytime.
starting with 3xlock will not give a push notification, but you could open the app and refresh by swiping up - down on the car in the center screen.


other than that, install needs to be first checked, especially YELLOW wire connection and antenne placement!
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You will only get run time and voltage, no temp with evo-all.


The feedback can sometimes take a few minutes to populate, it is not instant ive seen it take up to 5 minutes.


Also verify the yellow wire on the antenna is indeed connected to a true ignition.
répondu Nov 5, 2019 par Derek (173,450 points)

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