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I installing evo all+tarantula rs3 to mazda cx9 2012 with ineligent key .

all prog and connection is correst but if option on on evo all unlock door ,start engine and lock car ( disarm car alaram) windows and sunroof is opened if this function is off the car alarm turns on .

what can i do to privent the windows and sunroof from openning
posté Nov 4, 2019 dans la catégorie Mazda par Radoslaw Patora (740 points)

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never heard of the sunroof opening but your issue is that the unlock pulse is too long. check your remote starter unlock pulse settings.

The same thing will happen if you insert the key in your driver door and hold it in the unlock position. it's a car feature.
répondu Nov 4, 2019 par Robert T (284,490 points)
i change time unlock to minimum but still to long ,maybe use resistor to unlock/lock signal ??
You can try that yes.

- Disconnect the EVO-ALL Green/Red wire from the vehicle Door Lock wire

- Connect your Tarantula Lock and Unlock outputs to the vehicles analog door lock wire. The Lock output wire will need a 1k Ohm resistor.
ok ,how disarm car alarm ??
That analog door lock wire on the car has 4 functions... Lock/Arm and Unlock/Disarm


If all you get is Lock and Unlock, you are not on the right analog door lock wire.
Analog door lock/unlock from tarantula work perfect


thank you :)