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I'm getting this message, could you please reset it? S#001A06883428 thank you.
in Chrysler by Guillermo Tellez-Giron (150 points)

1 Answer

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Request was sent to have the unit reset. It can take up to 24 hrs for it to process.


i noticed it's a chrysler 200.  You will most likely have to set these 2 options.

-- D1.11 - 20 second crank

-- D4 - Hybrid Mode


All other unit options look OK
by Robert T (274k points)
It worked correctly the first time, thank you for your help. One more question, the rear defroster does not work while in remote start, is this option available using the EVO ALL? Are there any other options to make it happen? Is the MUX wire (used for the lights) a ground while running in remote start?
As long as A5 is on, the vehicles comfort group will turn when remote started. Rear defrost, heated mirror, heated seats and heated steering wheel.


MUX is not ground. it's a variable voltage.