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Ready Mode Disabled - Manual Install

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Trying to install my remote start on a 2017 Civic manual key start.  I have both t-harness installed, parking lights, horn and clutch tapped.  The module programmed the decryptor fine.  Ive selected the recommended options in flashlink... Go to remote start and im getting the 3 flash Ready Mode disabled... Trying to find out what the exact procedure is to enter ready mode but im having zero luck finding any information... Any help would be great!  Thanks!
posté Oct 21, 2019 dans la catégorie Honda par Kevin Walsh (160 points)

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Normal ready mode is as follows:


- car running in neutral all doors/hood/trunk closed

- foot on brake

- lift handbrake

- release foot brake

- send start from remote

- ext vehicle and close door

-vehicle shuts down ready to be remote sarted


- If option 33.2 was selected omit sending the start command.

répondu Oct 22, 2019 par derek ! (279,190 points)
So I do have option 33.2 selected.  I do the setup a outined however I am under the impression the car is to ramain running when I turn the key to the off postion.  It does not,  it turns off as normal... I have been trying to find the ingition wiring layout for this car but nothing seems to match what the flashlink shows.  As perhaps the default selection isnt correct?
What is the service number to the module?


Was the yellow loop cut?
Service No: 002B07242531

Flashlink reports:


firmware 73.[31]

Hardware: 2.0


firmware 1.[24]

Hardware: 7.0

Yellow loop is not cut, as I gathered that was for automatics only,  this is a manual install.


Just tried again, I turn the ignition on and there is a Yellow light on the evo-one.

1) I sget in, close all doors, trunk & hood &  I locked the doors (to simulate the car had moved)

2) apply hoot brake, remove electric parking brake, remove foot brake, reapply foot brake (to simulate movement) re apply the electric parking brake

3) turn thecar to the off position and the car turns off.
Got it!  for some reason the unit was in Valet mode wit the red internal LED on... system appears to be working now

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