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Alarm trigger by using the key to open door manually

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After EVO ONE installed, When i open the door with key manually on 2009 acura mdx, it triggers the alam and I have to press the unlock button on door to stop alarm. Is this normal as it wasn't before installing the evo one. I did installation without T-harness and didn't connect the door lock and unlock negetive wires as I could not find these two wires.
posté Oct 15, 2019 dans la catégorie Acura par Satbir Chandi (130 points)

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If you enabled option 14.2, it's the EVO ringing and not the car since it never saw you do unlock from the remote. If you do not want the alarm option, turn option 14.1 on.


if you want to be able to open the doors with the remote, you will need to wire the door locks.
répondu Oct 15, 2019 par Robert T (280,060 points)
Thanks for reply, I do want the alarm option. If I turn on option 14.1 will the factory alarm still be working?

Also I can lock and unlock with oem remote even when the car remote started. Do i still need to connect -lock and -unlock wire, these two wire color on is pink and red but there is no pink and red wire coming from the door harness.
yes, 14.1 does not deactivate the factory alarm. It simply tells the EVO that it will be only used for remote start. Option 14.2 tells the EVO it will be a remote starter and an alarm. You can leave it a 14.2 but you will always have to unlock from the OEM remote, not by putting the key in the hole.


If your factory remote can lock and unlock while the car is remote started you actually will not need to make those connections.

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