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EVO ONE - 2016 Hyundai Santafe - push to start - no heated seats and rear defrost

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I have a 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Push to Start.

I have installed the wiring per the install guide 34341.

Bypass options - I have enabled A4 - Heated seats - Automatic low temperature heated seats & rear defrost control.

I have saved the options to the module. i use the oem remote Lock / unlock / lock to start

The heated seats and rear defroster don't turn on with remote start.

Any suggestions? are there other wires i need to install? are there other buttons i need to push?


posté Oct 9, 2019 dans la catégorie Hyundai par Adam Phipps (160 points)

1 Réponse

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I replied to your e-mail sent to support.


Those features are generic. you must refer to page 1 of guide 34341 too see what features are supported on your vehicle.


Heated seats and rear defrost are not supported through data.
répondu Oct 9, 2019 par Derek (190,200 points)

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