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‘18 Wrangler - Remote start shuts engine off when doors are off

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I have a 2018 Jeep Wrangler. I installed the EVO-CHRT6 Stand Alone, vehicle remote starts and everything works fine with the doors on. Remote start the vehicle, unlock vehicle, open door, get in, close door, hit brake, lights blink twice, vehicle is not using Fortin anymore. As a wrangler owner, we take the doors off. When I remote start the vehicle with doors off I follow a similar process. Remote start vehicle, unlock vehicle, get in, hit brake, vehicle shuts off and lights blink twice, which then I'll have to use the push button to start vehicle back up. How can I fix this? The remote start needs to recognize the doors opening and closing rather than just the unlock being pressed.
posté Oct 4, 2019 dans la catégorie Jeep par Mike Siciliano (130 points)
modifié Oct 5, 2019 par Mike Siciliano

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No clue, since you say you have not installed a fortin product. This forum is for fortin product support.
répondu Oct 4, 2019 par Derek (227,350 points)
Well technically I didnt say what I installed. Never said I have not not installed a Fortin product. But to clarify for you, I updated my post with what unit I installed; EVO-CHRT6 Stand Alone.