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Mitsubishi RVR 2014 Standard key clutch bypass

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There's no manual transmission wiring diagram for the Mitsubishi RVR 2014 standard key with the EVO-one.

The remote starter works fine, but only with the clutch depressed, which is expected. What wire of the clutch switch should I tap into? Should I wire it to (-)START? (+)STARTER? Or maybe use the bypass relay?
posté Sept 26, 2019 dans la catégorie Mitsubishi par Gabriel Paquet (130 points)

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As both programmable positive outputs (E1/E2) are already used for the turn signals, I ended up wiring the -START signal (A5 - white wire) to a relay as shown here:
+12V Output of the relay to the clutch switch pink wire.
répondu Sept 28, 2019 par Gabriel Paquet (170 points)
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Is the clutch in your vehicle positive or negative? Test it and determine its polarity, then connect the appropriate starter wire to the clutch.
répondu Sept 26, 2019 par Derek (228,160 points)
It's positive. Connecting it to +STARTER bypasses it.
Are there any positive signals coming out the EVO-ONE?
Or do I need to use one of the negative signals with a relay?