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How do I set up rear defrost on the Evo One MyStart2?

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Hi, I have a 2020 Kia Sportage Push-To-Start. I am installing the Evo-One on it at this moment and I also have to set up the Rear Defrost + Trunk Open with the MyStart2 (Version 3.2.00). How do I add the aux in the MyStart2 for the Rear Defrost + Trunk Open?

Installation Guide Evo-One:

2nd.. Is there a way to lock the doors right after you close the door (lets say withing 10 secs)?

Thank You


**Edit** I found out trunk open is already set up with the MyStart2 so that works while I use it from the phone. Now Rear Defrost.. How do I set it up? I see it in the aux while I set up the rear defrost from phone but it doesnt do anything. Im guessing I need to tap on a wire?

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Rear defrost would be a wired connection in the vehicle.


I would suggest contacting your point of installation with regards to having additional features added as you may not be able to do both trunk and defrost at the same time.


Passive arming options are found under option 9 in the remote starter side of the evo-one.
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Yeah, I found out the option 9.3 later on and set it up for the client and its all good.

Theres no wires from the 20-pin that I can configure to set up rear defrost?
yellow/black - trunk release, can be changed to be an AUX output by changing option 25
Do I tap that yellow/black wire to the cars rear defrost switch? Then choosing option 25 mode 3 would be good to set up the defrost?
You will have to test the cars switch to see what kind of signal it needs and adjust option 25 accordingly then connect the yellow/black to it.

On the wiring diagram, it shows that BCM grounds the rear defrost switch input. So i just tap the yellow/black wire on that ground wire? (Guessing I tap it at the connector behind the HVAC control on the rear defrost).

test it first
We have just tested it. So the wire is always power but theres a relay control which means is that when bcm receives the signal that the button is pressed. It grounds the wire. Can i still just tap on it?