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Hi. have a 97 mbz c36. Alarm is a Sound Stream ARS 2 Pager Alarm. I had also paid for a FORTIN ALL IN 1. i don't know what's wrong with alarm installer, but is using viper or directed website for reference. He was able to bypasse oem mbz alarm, i think, but car wouldn't start. He didn't even try to use fortin all in 1, which has activation code inside. On this site, it only calls for programming if 2001 and above. He told me that ignition is analog, but I told him that even spare has chip inside. He told me that a Skyteck Alarm is better, but i wanna run what i have + like Remote design. The sounstream website also takes a fortin, but not applicable with my ride. Any help greatly appreciated. I have 4 Car's, all customized & have over 200 trophies. I want my old school rides with New school technology.

posté Juil 22, 2019 dans la catégorie Mercedes-Benz par MAKAVELI ALCALDE (160 points)

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We do not list the evo-all as supporting that vehicle.
répondu Juil 22, 2019 par derek ! (294,170 points)