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OEM Alarm no longer working

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I installed an EVO-ALL in my 06 Pathfinder a few weeks ago and everything is working except arm and disarm. I have the unit paired with a crimesropper starter through data. There are no wires populated in the BCM for lock and unlock, so I am using the evo all to control them through CAN. The locks function, but they don’t disarm or arm the factory alarm. Is there any way to change this?
posté Juin 13, 2019 dans la catégorie Nissan par Cam Cross (380 points)

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Through CAN the EVO-ALL will Lock-unlock but not arm disarm. Those need to be wired to those empty pins at the BCM.  I would suggest connecting your remote starter there per the installation guide.



répondu Juin 13, 2019 par Robb (230,030 points)
élue Juin 22, 2019 par Cam Cross

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