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How do i fix this issue

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2011 Infiniti QX56 push to start,

I installed using the supplied t harness. went thru the programming, seemed to be fine, was able to decode the key via your website, plugged the module back into vehicle.  blue light blinks slowly, shut doors, pressed lock 3 times.  Vehicle wont auto start. i get into vehicle and press the start button, vehicle will start properly, BUT shows a red alarm (looks like a key in a vehicle light)  how do i fix this issue???
posté Avr 13, 2019 dans la catégorie Infiniti par Howard Ashwood (130 points)

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"blue light blinks slowly"


Is the blue light always blinking slowly when the module is plugged into the car? 

répondu Avr 15, 2019 par Derek (227,050 points)
Correct, im able to program the module following the steps, and am able to decode properly, but when i get back to the vehicle and plug the module back in. The module's blue light blinks slowly and remote start does not work (x3 lock).
If the blue led still blinks slowly after dcryptor, then dcryptor did not work properly.

Restart the pc and re send the dcryptor info.
So i called and found out i had a setting incorrect in the module.  i am now able to use the auto start feature.  BUT when i press the brake to put vehicle in gear the truck shuts off.  Ive even attempted to press the start button and then the brake and it shuts off.  Could this have something to do with the D-2 setting needing to be swtiched of?

Be sure all zones are closed prior to remote starting. 

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