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Juke still runs after brake press even without key

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1: Everything works fine, but I think I found a glitch. If I remote start my 2016 Juke and leave the key inside after unlocking the doors, pressing the brake flashes the parking lights like it should but it still leaves the car running... WITHOUT THE KEY IN THE VEHICLE!!!

2: If I then try to shut it off by going back in the house and lock-lock-lock it does nothing as it has been placed in 'take over mode' or whatever it's called. I have to physically push the start/stop button to shut it off. THEN it starts back up because I recently pressed lock-lock-lock.

First issue scares me the most.
posté Mar 30, 2019 dans la catégorie Nissan par Eric Laing (390 points)

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Yes this is normal behavior. Once you have performed takeover procedure, after pressing the brake you have control of the vehicle. If you then decide to leave the key inside the module doesn't know. If you start driving the vehicle without the key, the vehicle will tell you by a key light in the instrument cluster
répondu Avr 1, 2019 par Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,020 points)
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If you dont press unlock, and break into the car, the vehicle will shut down on door open. No unlock detected = no takeover. You pressed unlock so the takeover procedure initiated; pressing the brake at that point will shut off the starter but the car will stay runnning.


By pressing 3xlock while the car is already running, you enabled "idle mode"; which is basically remote starting the car while it is already running. If you turn the car off with the push button, the starter will re-start the car.
répondu Avr 1, 2019 par Robb (262,210 points)
I understand that, but when I say if I leave my key inside, I mean in the house, 40feet away from the car. Doesn't seem right that even without the key anywhere near me if I press the brake the car still runs. To me it should shut off if I don't have the key near by. Every other remote starter I've had would kill the engine upon brake press - I know it is different with a PTS system but to me 'detecting' the key should be the same as putting one in an ignition. If there is no key in the ignition, pressing the brake shuts off the car
How would you unlock the car to get in if the remote is 40 feet away ?
On every remote starter for those vehicles.

The takeover is monitored by the unlock. Once unlock is detected, the starter will not shut down the car once you get in and press on the brake. No unlock detected though = no takeover. A thief would not press unlock since he does not have the remote so the car would shut down on door open.


Also note, if you start the car with the regular push button and throw the remotes out the window, the car will not shut down. That's a safety from the manufacturer to prevent the car from randomly shutting off while driving if the fobs battery is dead/weak.


If you do not like the take over, enable option D3 and the vehicle will shut down all the time on door open after it has been remote started.