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2006 Buick Rendezvous - Car stays running intermittently

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Just finished installing a Compustar CS800s with a Fortin INT-SL. Everything was working good, but I started having issues where the car would not stay running when remote started. It will start, run for maybe 5 seconds, and then die. It will do that a total of 3 times before giving up. It doesn't always do it though. A lot of the time it will start and stay running on the first try. Not sure what the issue is here. I do not have a tach wire conencted since the Compustar claimed it was tachless sensing. Do I need one? If so, any clue where it is on my car?
posté Mar 21, 2019 dans la catégorie Buick par Dustin Taylor (260 points)

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I would check to see if you alternator is charging when the car remote starts. Compu will probably base their tachless on a voltage swing at crank...
répondu Mar 21, 2019 par derek ! (285,990 points)
Thanks for the idea. I will test the voltage when I get home tonight.
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Should redirect this question to Compustar...
répondu Mar 21, 2019 par Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,040 points)
Well, I wasn't sure if it was something with the Fortin unit since it does have a tach wire on it. I did not connect the Fortin tach wire to anything because I didn't think I needed to do anything with tach since the compustar unit is tachless sensing. Also, Compustar gives terrible support to the DIY community. All of their repsones are basically "Sorry, can't help, take it to a certified Compustar installer".