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Can 2010 Mazda 6 rear defroster be controlled via Canbus with EVO-ONE?

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Wondering if the CANBUS can be used to control the rear defroster over AUX2 on the EVO-ONE for a 2010 Mazda6, and if so if there's a setting in FlashLink that should be enabled.  I don't want to pull the unit back out of the car if it isn't even possible.

If it's not possible for this car, I'd like to know if the (-) Ignition green wire on the 20 pin connector is available for use--if so, I should be able to wire it to a 12V thermostat cooling relay (something like this to send ground through the relay based on temperature.  Thanks!
posté Mar 12, 2019 dans la catégorie Mazda par ERIC DOMINGO (290 points)

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Defrost is not controlled through CAN on that car.


The unit does have an AUX output and an builtin thermostat.

You can use the YELLOW/BLACK. This is default trunk release but can be programmed as an AUX output with Option 25 enabled. You can then enable option 39.2 and it will trigger the AUX automatically upon remote when temperatures are below 5C.
répondu Mar 12, 2019 par Robert T (284,490 points)
Thanks for the quick reply! I'd rather continue to use yellow/black for the trunk release if possible, but if I can't use green off of the 20 pin then I guess that will be my only option.
you can use green also but it will always output (-) when remote starting
Awesome thank you!  I should be able to wire green through its own separate thermostat so that it only feeds ground to the defrost wire when it iis below a certain temp.  Really appreciate your help!