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evoall door locks

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Currently have an autostart system with smart start module. Security i bypassed manually with resistor and wiring modifications. I have a spare evo all module and was thinking to install it for door lock operation only. I assume i would just need ignition feed(yellow wire on 20 pin) and data line(purple yellow on 20 pin) then 4 pin data harness from evo all to remote start module? Would i even require to learn module for this to just control door locks? This is in a Chevy Trailblazer SS 2007
posté Mar 11 dans la catégorie Chevrolet par Jeff Mclean (160 points)

1 Réponse

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you would have to hardwire the evo to the auto start and then follow Connection 3 and Programming 3 of this guide:
répondu Mar 11 par Derek (151,740 points)

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