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EVO-ALL will not continue programming after solid red light

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Standalone installation with Key Bypass, Automatic, PTS . FIrmware 75.38, Hardware v6

Guide #62501

During programming Blue light flashes rapidly indicating CAN bus activity when ignition is turned on.

Press and hold programming button, Blue LED turns off and Red LED turns on Solid.  After 3 seconds release programming button, and red LED begins to flash 3x and then repeats continuously.  Nothing happens, the LED’s do not rapidly alternate, even after waiting 20 mins or more. Step 7 never completes, unit does not program.

Wiring has been checked and rechecked.  Any ideas why it doesn’t want to program?
posté Mar 9, 2019 dans la catégorie Volkswagen par Cory Mah (130 points)

1 Réponse

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First step of the programming is to take out battery from the oem remote and placing it inside the ring. No other key should be in vehicle at this point.

You also want to verify canbus connection at OBD2 connector

Also looking at your module options it seems A1 to A11 are OFF. Turn all those option (A1 to A11) ON
répondu Mar 11, 2019 par Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,040 points)
Turned on all A1-A11 options.

Battery removed from keyfob, no other keys, placed in ring, ignition turns on fine.

CANBUS is good, rapid flashing blue light once ignition is turned on.

Programming button pressed and held till light changes to red, then released.

EVO ALL then starts flashing red led only, 3x with pause.  Wait 15 mins no change.

Seems stuck in Step #7 of Guide #62501,
Programming Issued resolved, problem with CANBUS2 connections.  Once corrected EVO ALL programming successfully and dcrytor ran fine.

However car will not start 3x OEM Remote.  No lights show on EVO ALL.
Enable option D1.10 - Lock-Lock-Lock. It's OFF right now.
Updated options D1.10 to Lock-Lock-Lock.

Still no start, no lights on EVO ALL after 3x OEM remote.

Do I need to reprogram again?

Is Hood release wire required? Documentation is conflicting.
For now try D1.11 Lock-Unlock-Lock to remote start. Every time you press lock you should see 1x blue flash, on unlock you should see 2x blue flash.
Set option D1.11, verified connections, all look good except Hood Pin wire is not connected to anything, does it need to be???

Pressing either LOCK or UNLOCK, no blue flash on EVO-ALL, no LED's at all.Tried with ignition ON/OFF, key in CAR/out of CAR, Brake pedal pressed/release.  Nothing, no response from EVO-ALL

Which wires should I re-check?  Or do I need to try reprogram?

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