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2013 chevy equinox will not start

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2013 equinox will not start, evo-all. did the press 5 times programming, unplugged. went to the computer finished programming, installed back into vehicle. blue light flashes 3 times by pressing lock 3x's red light comes on steady, blue light breifly comes on. red light flashes roughly 10-12 times. red light stays on, goes off. yellow light comes on steady and stays on. while all of this is going on the door chimes, door locks and radio all come on as if the car was going to start. almost forgot to mention, i did get the car to start on the first time. however, it never worked again.
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posté Mar 6 dans la catégorie Chevrolet par tony tedesco (160 points)
fermé Mar 15 par Robb

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service number will help


some of these vehicles require a specific firmware, 4.12
répondu Mar 7 par Robb (216,200 points)
service number is 001A06835311. also just noticed that it says EVO Ford, EVO Mazda pre-loaded. could I possibly have been sent the wrong set up? box says chevy equinox on it.
does any of the info i provided help?
couple of things have gone wrong here.

-- Firmware does need to be updated to 4.12 according to the date of production and the latest installation guide.

-- The options in the unit are improperly set up.


To solve all this...

1. Reset the EVO:

2. Flash firmware 4.12

3. Turn ON appropriate options (C1 + D1)

4. Reprogram unit to vehicle and redo the Dcryptor process.

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