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EVO-ALL 2017 Audi S3 push to start, Standalone, T Harness install, key wrap not working

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1. What firmware should my unit have? Install guide says 0.48 Only.

2. I have been trying to get my key wrap to function for about 6 hours now. It won't program no matter what I do. I'm using white/red white/blue. Connected the wires together. Wrapped around key then wrapped loops in front of detector. I've tried less loops, more loops. Can't get passed the initial program. Solid blue light, then press push to start, car asks me to place key against designated area. Never get flashing blue light on evo-all. If I take the key and place it against the detector ring, i get flashing blue.

What am I doing wrong?


EDIT: Turns out its the real key that is used for programming, and while it was in my car, the battery is dead. An amazing coincidence. Will try with new battery tonight.
posté Mar 4, 2019 dans la catégorie Audi par ADAM COMISKEY (710 points)
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programming is purely with the CAN wires and ignition. The keywrap has nothing to do with it.
répondu Mar 5, 2019 par Robert T (284,630 points)
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