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3x lock wont start

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evo all wont 3x lock start.  Red led flashes 3 times after i try to start with 3x lock of OEM remote.  I have the option turned on in the flashlink updater.  I did however do a master reset which i shoudln't have done.

Do I now need to buy something to allow me to reprogram?  

2013 Honda Accord, push to start, automatic
posté Mar 3 dans la catégorie Honda par Chris Schoenleben (130 points)
modifié Mar 4 par Chris Schoenleben

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couple of things here.

The service number shows that the unit is flashed for a Toyota Camry 2019 and has version 4.18 (it hasnt even been updated).

The EVO-ALL cannot be used as a stand alone remote starter on a 2013 Honda Accord.
répondu Mar 5 par Robb (201,550 points)
I've never had this set on toyota camery. I just plugged it in and it now says toyota camery and the screen is different with a different car on the top right corner.  This was absolutely not there before my question was posted.

Either way, now all of a sudden I can't flash it either.  it says i've reached my max number of flashes for this car.  I bought this brand new and its never worked.  i need help here. what can I do?
Please call support when you get moment. 1-877-226-7797
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Per the call we just had:


1- Reset the unit:

2- Enable option C1, D6, F3  (leave the default A options on)

3- Reprogram to vehicle and do Dcryptor
répondu Mar 8 par Robb (201,550 points)
I've wired my evoall to my viper 4105V wire to wire and unhooked the d2d wire.  I cut the wires and wired them direct for power and ground.  I have tried to rerun the dcryptor and now my car has reached its limit.


I've had enough.  I've tried everything.  I want to take this evoall out of my car but I can't.  If I unhook my evoall my car wont start.   if i hook up my evoall then it will start without the smart key preset.  I just want to get everything back to factory and rid of this unit that will not work on my car.  please reset my unit.

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