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2015 Malibu does not crank

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Installled EVO-GM1 on 2015 Maliibu and all programmed successfully but vehicle does not remote start when 3x Lock on factory remote.  I believe there is some light clicking noise coming from underhood momentarily after 3x unlock but no starter engagment.
posté Fev 27, 2019 dans la catégorie Chevrolet par Scott Chynoweth (130 points)

1 Réponse

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What is the service number to the module? This can be located on the back of the evo.
répondu Fev 27, 2019 par Derek (178,310 points)
Service # 001A06882371
As stated in the installation guide:


You must flash 4.12 firmware and splice the wire into the


Once this is done re test.